About Us

Vow Properties was established in 2010 in Chennai with an objective to develop quality infrastructure and investment projects. Operating primarily from the Indian states of Tamil nadu. Our primary focus is developing and delivering well planned quality and efficient homes. Our main area of development has been in the Residential sector,

From Start to Finish

Initiating with superior quality at the grassroots of each project, Vow Properties continually strives to uphold the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and communication to create value for our customers. In each project, Our team intends to relentlessly demonstrate superior operating skills and development talents along with an unwavering strategic focus.

A Reliable Team,

Our Team adopts a Total Quality Management approach that ensures domain experts in development, construction management, asset management, marketing and sales along with auditors and legal advisors work in a cohesive manner for the entire life-cycle of each project. The idea is to vertically integrate and combine the versatility and expertise of these professionals.

You Dream It We Built It

We take pride in driving innovation and excellence through our services.

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